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You’ve been dumped into your favorite video game, how do you feel? Are you prepared for this in any way?

That totally depends on how much of my TF2 experience translates into actual skill in-universe. I’m sure I’d die a bunch, but that’s like, canonically temporary. Mercs die all the time!
Alternate favorite game answer: Wind Waker. I guess I’d be pretty well prepared, cause I know the map really well. I don’t know how to sail at all in real life, but I figure all I have to do is find Windfall Island, and waste the rest of my life there.
Alternate favorite game answer B: It’s Super Smash brothers. I am a bottom tier character, and nobody plays me except as a joke. I die a lot. Death is not permanent.

Also, you asked the wrong blog, dingus.

can it please be cold enough for me to justify wrapping my body in jackets and sweaters before I leave the house? I hate this heat already, but right now, I especially hate how it makes it really hard to wear thick bulky clothes that hide all of -this-
I’m so uncomfortable in my t-shirts.

Dream cosplay? Favorite dessert?

I really wish I had the right build for a Snake cosplay. I also want to do Medic again but perfect and Kaneda.
Best dessert is cheesecake. Or peanut butter and chocolate anything. Or coffee and ice cream. Coffee and ice cream.

98° outside and a thunderstorm

What was the last thing you drew that you really liked?
This. I was so happy with how this little painting came out. I need to paint every day.

Gym Etiquette: #1 



Do not curl in the squat rack.

TMI Tuesday


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